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Compliant collection of Used Lead Acid Batteries


BATTRECYCLE is our service that we provide for the compliant and responsible collection and disposal of used lead batteries. 

Our Battrecycle service meets all EPA, Safework NSW & Transport NSW requirements.

We collect Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) from many different industries including:

  • Council Community Recycle Centres

  • Waste Collection Facilities

  • Automotive repair workshops

  • Transport workshops

  • Plant equipment

  • Forklift / EWP

  • Marine Industry

  • Earthmoving Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • Power Supply Industry

In fact, we will collect anywhere where a company or individual may accumulate used lead acid batteries.

We take pride in being an integral part in the chain of responsibility in the process of recovery, recycling and reuse of ULAB (Used Lead Acid Batteries) also known as scrap batteries by most users.

We can come to you and pickup your waste ULAB or scrap batteries, making sure that you are compliant with NSW EPA regulations.​ This also reduces your business as well as personnel risks.

We are a Sydney based business operating in the Sydney Metropolitan area as well as regional NSW. 

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