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Roar Workplace & Environmental Solutions can provide a complete range of spill absorbents for every type of spill situation in any industry and environment. 

Our range includes:

  • Bagged granular and organic absorbents and absorbent powders and neutralisers

  • Chemical Absorbent Pads 

  • Chemical Absorbent Booms

  • Chemical Absorbent Rolls

Our superior quality absorbents are used in all types of industries and  are suitable for any type of chemical spills or liquid spills including:

  • Oil, Fuel & Hydrocarbon Spills

  • Paint and Ink Spills

  • Medical & Laboratory Spills

  • Bio-Hazardous Spills

  • Hazardous Chemical Spills

  • Marine and aquatic Spills

Download a copy of  our Spill Products Catalogue.

It contains a complete range of spill kits, chemical absorbents, bunded containment units and much more.

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