Battery Collection & Recycling


Used / Scrap Battery Collection

Battrecycle is a business that prides itself on being an integral part in the chain of responsibility in the process of recovery, recycling and reuse of ULAB (Used Lead Acid Batteries) also known as scrap batteries by most users.

We can come to you and pickup your waste ULAB or scrap batteries, making sure that you are compliant with NSW EPA regulations.​ This also reduces your business as well as personnel risks.

We are a Sydney based business operating in the Sydney Metropolitan area as well as regional NSW. 

We specialise in but are not limited to the following industries:

  • Automotive repair

  • Transport workshop

  • Plant equipment

  • Forklift / EWP

  • Marine Industry

  • Earthmoving Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • Power & Energy Supply Industry

What happens to ULAB
(used lead acid batteries)

There are 3 Used Lead Acid Battery processing and recycling plants in NSW which is where almost all ULAB collected in NSW are processed.

Battrecycle works in conjunction with two main EPA licenced storage operators that then transport all of their ULAB to one of these processing facilities.


Approximately 96 percent of the various components of used lead acid batteries / scrap batteries are recoverable.


The lead plates are restored back to new battery standards, the hard plastic casing can be melted and extruded to produce plastic pellets and the acid is neutralised and converted into sodium sulphate which is used in the manufacture of laundry detergents and fertilizers.

There are many benefits to the recycling of ULAB. This includes:


  • Reduce the amount of mined raw material

  • A cleaner environment for future generations

  • Prevent harm to humans and wildlife

  • Protect the environment

  • Conserve natural resources

  • Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill